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Ang hirap pala pag dumating ka na sa puntong sobrang takot ka na magtiwala sa lahat.

Kalalaki mong tao ang dami mong baby. May matres ka b3h?




hey bud *wraps you up in a blanket* i know today might have been hard for you *ruffles your hair* but you made it through the day *boops your nose* you’re doing such a good job *kisses your forehead* and i am so proud of you

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  • Boy: I miss you.
  • Girl: And so?
  • Boy: I really did.
  • Girl: K.
  • Boy: I'm sorry.
  • Girl: What for?
  • Boy: For ignoring your efforts to communicate with me.
  • Girl: Its OK. I got used to it, then I got tired, so I stopped trying and started forgetting.
  • Boy: I..
  • Boy: I...tried to forget about you, you see.
  • Girl: ....
  • Boy: Cause it tore me apart that we can never be...
  • Girl: its OK.
  • Boy: Why is it so OK?
  • Girl: I got used to days hoping you'd be back, but then you never did. I started facing reality, and started to get a move on.
  • Boy: I too late?
  • Girl: Too late for what?
  • Boy: To court you?
  • Girl: You know, I've always wanted to hear that from you. Back then, a year ago. But...I got used to only wishing for it..then realized it would never happen, so I stopped hoping.
  • Boy: I'm really sorry, but dont worry, this time, I will make your wishes come true.
  • Girl: Its my turn to say sorry. Time got into me. You've broken my heart already. I cant risk experiencing that again. :/ Thank you anyway. For communicating with me after a year of silence.

..dahil sa batch ng bloggers nyo ngayon, hindi na uso ang famous. Dahil para sainyo, kahit walang laman ang blog, basta may itsura, famous.