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Sguro, ang nakakatuwa lang. Kahit nagsipag deactivate na ang mga tropang hamog (‘10-‘11-‘12) eh, nandun pa din ung iniwang friendship. Sguro, laking pasasalamat ko lang talaga sa tumblr dahil kung di rin dahil dito, di ko sila makikilala.

Nakakatuwa lang na kahit di na kami nangungupal dito sa tumblr, pero pag nagsama sama kami, ang saya saya. Meet up, pls? 😭

  • Him: Is there something wrong?
  • Her: Nope. I'm fine, really. Why do you ask?
  • Him: Because you are not fine. Something's bothering you. You are faking your smiles and trying to hold back tears.
  • Her: How did you know that?
  • Him: Your smile doesn't seem to reach your eyes. You keep on laughing to a joke that was cracked for the nth time that it is not funny for any of our friends anymore. You are struggling to keep pace because the pain that is bothering you is weighing you down. You don't read romance novels anymore and stick to comedy shows. You wanted to forget about the sadness and pain that you cling on to whatever that makes you laugh, even if it's only temporary, even if it is not really that funny. You grab every opportunity to not be alone because you hate that feeling of being by yourself. You feel hollow and empty inside amidst the smiles and the laughs. It's okay to let all the pain out, you know. Cry. Throw on a tantrum. Break things. Shout. Do anything that would help you get rid of the pain that you are bottling inside. You are not alonebregardless how much you think you are. I am here. Just grab onto me. You will be okay.

Kahit trashtalker nasasaktan din. Pero putangina nyo pa din!

Piliin mo yung taong kahit inaaway mo, di ka iniiwan dahil alam nyang tinotopak ka lang.

Mahal ka nya.. Mahal nya din ung isa. Pati ba puso, dual sim na?

Gusto ko sanang patunayan ang forever kasama ka. Kaso putang ina mong tarantado ka, malandi ka. Kaya ayun, ung forever natin.. Forever? Gago la forever.